Customer Endorsement
“Alan has helped me to control and restrict the use of the internet by my teenage children”

Mrs SB, Brimmington
Parental Controls
As a parent you will want your child to get the maximum benefit from the Internet, but you will also want to ensure they are protected from accessing the darker areas and from the dangers of exploitation and bullying. You may also want to ensure that Junior is not on line all hours of the day and night and is experiencing real life, not just that through the screen.

Technical fixes alone can not protect your children, but in conjunction with your parental skills can make the internet a much safer and enjoyable place.

A range of technical strategies are available, many at low or zero cost. These can ensure that the more “Adult” areas of the Internet are Out-of-Bounds and that you control when and what your child accesses.

However is is most important that controls are put in place
BEFORE the child starts using his or her computer. Taking away freedoms or restricting usage after a problem has occurred is much harder than staring off as you mean to go on. I can help if you have already have hit problems but this will introduce much more stress.

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