Customer Endorsement
“Alan assisted me in finding a suitable telephone that my husband is able to use. He didn't charge for his help”

Val C Clowne
Special Needs

Time marches on for us all, sight or hearing may not be what they once were. Modern technology is often designed with small buttons and fiddly functions, easily understood by a 10 year old but not as obvious with the more mature user.

Technology should not be barred from users with Special Needs, far from it applied properly it can help and enhance such users life. There are telephones with large buttons, clear screens and extra loud volumes, there are also software programs to help people with impaired sences use the technology.

Alternatively many may require nothing more than a chat and demonstration as to how to use the equipment to get want you want it to do, perhaps ignoring some of the “bells and whistles”. Computers and IT are designed to help and shouldn't be feared, please ask me to help you overcome any worries you may have.

Everyone's requirements are different and individual. Please contact me for help and advice. My aim is to ensure you get the most benefit possible from IT.

Please contact me to discuss the options tel 07725 364574, complete the Feedback Form or e-mail